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Daftar Universitas Terbaik Negeri

Buat teman-teman SMA yang hingga saat ini masih kebingungan untuk memilih universitas terbaik yang ada di Indonesia baik itu perguruan tinggi atau universitas negeri dan swasta, saya memiliki beberapa daftar universitas terbaik negeri dan swasta di Indonesia. Berikut adalah daftarnya :
10 Universitas Terbaik Negeri (PTN) :
  1. Institut Teknologi bandung (ITB)
  2. Universitas Indonesia (UI)
  3. Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)
  4. Institut teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS)
  5. Universitas Airlangga (Unair)
  6. Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS)
  7. Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)
  8. Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY)
  9. Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad)
  10. Universitas Diponegoro (Undip)

Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Pedagan Sungai tidak ikut SEA Games

Seperti halnya kota air lainnya di Asia Tenggara, Palembang yang dibelah Sungai Musi bersama anak sungainya, juga memiliki banyak aktifitas di sungai. Termasuk pula para pedagang makanan ringan. 

Seorang pedagang mendayung perahunya menyusuri Sungai Musi. Sayangnya selama perayaan SEA Games XXVI ini, mereka tidak dimanfaatkan sebagai daya tarik wisata.

Umumnya, para pedagang ini menjual pempek, model, atau bahkan model dan pempek. Model adalah panganan semacam Pempek berisi tahu yang dikukus dan dimakan bersama kuah seperti sup.

Seorang pedagang menjajakan dagangannya menggunakan perahu di Sungai Musi.

di kutip dari :

What You Need To Know In Forex

Forex market has many benefits over other financial markets such as nearly unlimited liquidity, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week transactions, faster execution of trades, and others. Many traders are seeing it as a great opportunity to gain profit.
But it does not mean that it is easy to make money from trading the forex market, especially if you are just a first time trader.
Forex Blog: Free Forex EducationSo if you are interested in forex trading yet a neophyte in such business, it is advised that you should get a forex trading education. It is an unwritten rule that never get yourself into forex trading without
proper forex trading education. It will help you making a good profit.
To start with, you must understand what forex trading is. It is the short term of foreign exchange. Forex trading is the exchange of a country’s currency for another country’s currency. By having simultaneous trades, you can gain profit. A forex trading education will guide you on how to achieve it.
The first thing that you must learn in your forex trading education is about its market background. The foreign exchange market is always changing from time to time. Today the value currencies are depreciating, and then tomorrow it is soaring high. Through forex trading education, you will learn how to monitor such changes and use it for your advantage.
The next thing that you must study is about risk control and management. You must learn how to control yourself on instances that you are profiting and avoid over investing. You must also learn when to exit when there are already losing trades especially when you are now about to reach your losses limits.
Top traders have their own Forex trading system. You will learn such thing in forex trading education. Learn how to follow such system rigorously. It will help you determine trades that have great rate of success.
Learning how to open and manage your forex trading account is one important lesson that you must be familiar. You will be starting with a demo account. In this way, you will learn the ins and outs of forex trades using play money. After you have learned the necessary techniques in trading, and only then, you can open up a live forex trading account.
Trading psychology is also affecting the decisions that traders are making. As a trader, you must accept the fact that every individual trade has two possible outcomes: either your winning the battle or losing it. Your attitude towards either of the two outcomes will affect your future decision-making.
Forex Blog: Free Forex Demo Account
The best way to get a forex trading education is through the Internet. There are free websites available that lets you open a demo account to practice forex trading.
There are also free seminars that are available. You will learn different things in forex trading from different forex traders. They can you useful insights on the subject of forex trading.
Trading successfully is not an easy task; it is a continuing process Of learning. From forex trading education, you will learn things that every trader should take into consideration to accelerate the
Go and get a good forex trading education. Just take your time. There is lot of money involved with forex trading. Practice your skills and use it as your asset in forex trading.

First Step In Forex

What comes into your mind when it comes to forex (foreign exchange)? Perhaps what you perceive is the noisy stock market, is it not?
Well, basically foreign exchange market has reputably the area of government central and most of the commercial and investment banks. But now, let us focus on an individual usually discussing the forex market as he offers trading for almost 24 hours a day in seven days a week. This person handles the transaction between the persons making business making sure that the exchange is being completed and closed within the period prescribed.
There is also a concept that foreign exchange market revolves on daily dollar volume and various currencies of several countries involved in foreign exchange trading.
What people should know about forex?
First of all, keep in mind that forex market and its investor trade from one currency to another. Most of the investor come from different countries worldwide that performs daily trading activity. It is important also to know that currencies are also quoted in terms of their price in another currency.
To further discuss, currencies are always quoted in pairs. The very first currency is called the base currency while the second
currency is called as the counter or the quote currency. Let us say, if it takes 12.456 pounds to buy 2.345 dollars, the expression will be “dollars over pound.”
Now that currency has been discussed, it is about time to calculate the so called “spread”. Forex quotes are always provided with bid and ask prices. These two usually vary in terms of equity market.
Speaking of equity market, the price of the market share differs in terms of forecast in equity market. In one way or another the price ask is the kind of price that forex market maker is willing to deal to other traders.
It is very important to know that forex prices are always quoted using five numbers like $ 0.0005 . Normally the prices vary each day. The number of the traders affect the prices of the stocks.Currency: Dollar, Yen, Euro, Pound
Here are some basic terminologies usually encountered in forex trading. To understand further and be familiar with the lingo let us discuss them.
Currency- it is the fundamental capital in terms of trading.
Forex market- it is the world’s leading online currency broker place. Stock business is dealt by the traders in this place.
Settlement risk- An incident wherein one party fails to deliver the terms of the contract so settlement is agreed upon between the parties involved. Settlement is a risky issue and usually associated with default. Sometimes the terms of the agreement are not met so principal risk is undertaken.
Spot exchange rate- it is the rate of a forex contract for immediate delivery. It is usually referred to globally accepted cycle for foreign exchange contracts. Spot exchange rate should be settled immediately to avoid the rush especially when the deal has been closed.
Single Payment Options Trading (SPOT)- it is a type of product that allows a traders/investors to set not only the conditions that need to meet in turn to receive a desired payout terms. The broker that provides this set of product arranges the payouts of possible investors.
SPOT Conditions- it is the agreed conditions set out by both parties. The investors collects payment only upon perfection of agreement and if the condition set does not occur then the investor will lose the full investment paid to the broker.
Now that you are already familiar with the terms used in basic forex trading it will be easier for you to deal in forex market. Remember that a little knowledge regarding this matter is very risky. Learn first what is forex trading and how it works before getting involved in the business.

Day Trading Courses On Video

Almost 95% of traders lose their money in the Forex business. If you really want to win, you must hone your trading skills and develop self discipline. Start learning the basic information and then proceed to advanced trading stuff. Participating on different seminars and webinars, both online or offline, is also highly recommended.
There is a lot of resources available on the Internet. One of these free resources can be found on my website. ;) This is a free report on how to succeed in stock day trading. I hate seeing people lose their money simply because they don’t know how to trade so I decided to create an eBook and launched it with the Day Trading Course Videos also created by myself.
I am certain that everyone is smart enough to acquire education first before investing hard-earned money on any venture!

Begining In Forex Online Market

Foreign exchange is a process of buying one type of currency and at the same time selling one. It is the largest, fastest, and liquid market in the world. It involves all countries that buys and sells currencies in the market.
Trading forex requires no specific type of profession, whether you’re a fireman, a high school graduate, a professional, a college student, or a business owner; you can start trading currency as a career by following simple rules.
Although it is recommended for new forex traders to take a forex training program before entering the market, it is not necessarily required. Training programs teaches you the basic principles of a forex market and also teaches different strategies to use on different market trends. However, anyone can be a forex trader.
Keep in mind that before entering forex trading, you should understand that this is a very risky business. Forex is also a very lucrative market, so if you do it right, you can get rich fast. You can make money in the forex market when you buy or sell a currency if a certain currency is becoming stronger and weaker. But remember that this is not as simple as it seems. Predicting the outcome of a forex market is difficult and in most cases, impossible.
Forex market is more advantageous than trading stocks, commodity futures or bonds, but it still depends on your expertise.
Unlike most market, forex trading is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and trades does not require an actual trading floor. This means that you can work anywhere as long as there is telephone or internet connection.
Since forex trading is the largest market and most liquid, it is faster to order executions. If you do not know how large a forex market is, here’s an example: All bond, commodities, stock, and futures market combined should operate for 24hours a day in three months to produce the volume of money traded in the forex market in one day.
In the forex market, there are few trades to learn. You only have to know what the major currency pairs to start trading.
Because of the size of the market, manipulation against a small trader is impossible. This means big traders cannot take advantage on small traders.
Another advantage of a forex market is that there are no forward exposure, clearing fees and expiring contracts.
If you enter this market you should be knowledgeable in forecasting price movements. Knowing how to forecast market movements by looking at market generated data is one of the most important aspects of a forex trader. Knowing when to buy or sell currency and also knowing when to stop trading is a sign of a good trader.
You should also not be emotionally affected if you lose money. It is part of the trade, you win some, and you lose some. If you lose, stop trading, go home, and think about what mistakes you did. Think about how you can prevent it from happening again and also how you can recover your lose. By doing this, you can trade in the forex market much easier.
Keep in mind that the forex market is a risky market. It is always recommended that you should take a forex training program before you enter the world of foreign exchange market.

Forex Explained In Detail

Forex (also known as Foreign Exchange or FX) is a trade between currencies of the world. Like other type of trade, Forex also has its own market.
The foreign exchange market enables companies, banks and other financial institutions to buy and sell foreign currencies, sometimes in large amounts. Since foreign exchange is conducted on every part of the world, the market is open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The motivations behind this demand for foreign currency is that it includes capital flows arising from trade in goods and services, cross-border investment and loans and assumption on the future level of exchange rates.
Forex market is the largest market in the world and also the fastest. The sums of money involved are very large with transactions that can last for one or two days only.
The following are the major traded currency in the market:
Forex Blog: CurrencyUS Dollar (USD)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Euro (EUR)
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Swiss Franc (CHF)
British Pound (G&P)
Generally, there are three types of participants in the forex market:
• Customers
• Banks
• Brokers

Online Forex Trick and Tips

Every year the attraction on online trading is fast increasing specifically on trading shares and forex trading. The coming out of a new profession, that is, dealer of currency, was caused by the remarkable development of the Internet. Forex trading can be done now not only in the office but also at home. Hence, the online forex trading was well accepted.
Forex Blog: Online Forex TradingThe level of qualification for forex brokers was raised due the incredible advancement of online forex trading, the security program and telecommunications. Somehow, the online forex trading made the forex brokers to develop more their abilities for their own sake. Surely, the danger will be lower while on the operation. Thus, if the level of trading qualification is higher, then the trade amount will also be higher.
The typical methods of the forex trading were completely changed because of the presence of dealing systems, which is automated in the eighties, together with the co-coordinating systems in the nineties. The systems of dealing are online computer systems wherein the banks are integrated in a united net, whereas, the co-coordinating systems are electronic brokers.
The forex traders will have an increased number of present transactions because the dealing systems are very dependable and very efficient. Furthermore, they are safer as you will see the executors of the dealings. The online forex trading is continually expanding precisely of the dependability, safety, and swiftness of the dealing systems
The online forex trading has been widely accepted considering the basic role of the computers. The dealing systems and the co-coordinating system are interconnected to all the traders of the world, thus, forming an electronic brokers market. The account report, filling vouchers, the work of the secretary, and the methods of lowering the risk are well in place.

New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction Accident Attorney | Buffalo | Rochester | Long Island | Manhattan

A construction site can be an extremely hazardous work place. Construction workers are challenged to be aware of their surroundings at all times. They need to watch out for falling objects, be aware of moving hazards all while getting the job done with excellence and precision. In addition to the construction worker, the people responsible for the worker's safety have an obligation to ensure all safety measures are in place.

We are experienced New York construction accident attorneys and have seen first hand the devastation a construction injury can have on an injured victim and his/her entire family. We have represented many injured construction workers and have obtained over one hundred $1,000,000 settlements.

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Agar Khusyu,dalam Sholat

Apa itu Khusyu?

Khusyu' selama sholat sering disalahartikan oleh sebagian besar orang dengan cara menangis dan meratap. Lebih dari itu, merupakan persiapan hati selama menjalankan ibadah. Ketika hati seseorang dipenuhi dengan apa yang dikatakan dan didengarnya, maka dia akan berada dalam keadaan khusyu'.

Trading Forex Online

Trading Forex Online

Trading Forex Online. Period. Re-launched with information aboutlearning,understanding, and trading with forex tools and software, We've spent an exhaustive amount of time researching and reviewing content to help you become the best trader or broker that you can be.
The current lineup of the site includes Forex Software Reviews in a variety of different categories including:

You'll also find out how to get an education on forex trading with ourforex glossary of terms. Here you can answer any of the questions you have about specific terminology that you may find in our learn to trade forex section.
So if you're an market maker, introducing broker, part time trader, talentless hack, or curious student, we hope that you'll find the information that you need to be a better more informed trader here on our site. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, you can always contact us here.

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