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Forex Explained In Detail

Forex (also known as Foreign Exchange or FX) is a trade between currencies of the world. Like other type of trade, Forex also has its own market.
The foreign exchange market enables companies, banks and other financial institutions to buy and sell foreign currencies, sometimes in large amounts. Since foreign exchange is conducted on every part of the world, the market is open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The motivations behind this demand for foreign currency is that it includes capital flows arising from trade in goods and services, cross-border investment and loans and assumption on the future level of exchange rates.
Forex market is the largest market in the world and also the fastest. The sums of money involved are very large with transactions that can last for one or two days only.
The following are the major traded currency in the market:
Forex Blog: CurrencyUS Dollar (USD)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Euro (EUR)
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Swiss Franc (CHF)
British Pound (G&P)
Generally, there are three types of participants in the forex market:
• Customers
• Banks
• Brokers

Customers, such as multinational corporations, participate in the forex market because they require foreign currency for their trade in other countries. Like for example; an engineering firm based in the UK needs to use forex market to buy the currency they need to pay their counterpart firm in another country that sells heavy equipments.
Banks is the most active participants in the forex market. They deal with other financial institutions who call them to ask for their foreign exchange rates and may buy them the currency they need in the forex market.
The brokers act as intermediaries between the banks. Forex brokers are companies with computer software links or telephone lines to banks throughout the world. It is the job of a forex broker to know what banks has the highest buying rate for a currency and what banks has the lowest selling rate for a currency.
By using a broker it is possible for banks to find the best deal available in the world. Forex broker companies do not deal with its own money but only charges a commission for their services.
Unlike other financial markets, the foreign exchange market has no single location. Forex is not dealt across a market trading floor but instead, it is dealt via telephone and computer links between dealers in different financial institutions in different continents.
Forex Blog: BrokersTrading in this market is very risky and should not be attempted by a beginner without the help of a seasoned forex trader. If you are planning to enter the forex market, it is recommended that you should first learn about the forex market and how it works. In this type of market, you can easily gain profit and you can easily lose money.
Forex trading is unpredictable and can make you lose large sums of money. Taking a class that offers forex trading course is recommended so you can understand more about this market and learn about how you can minimize lose and maximize profit.
Forex market is very unpredictable, one minute the current value of a certain currency is high then the next minute would be very low. Forex can be a very lucrative source of income but complicated.


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